Tapping into women power

It takes a lot of courage and strength for a man to break down his walls which his orthodox upbringing and this society has forced him to build around him – and it requires even greater understanding and compassion for a woman to help him tear down those walls – the mothers who teach their sons NOT to be emotionally expressive and who taunt them with ” Don’t cry like a girl” are the worst kind of mothers I feel – they have fallen a victim to this screwed up social and mental conditioning that screams being vulnerable is not being man enough and yet I have seen more men cry in my interactions than women – women who emotionally bash their spouses for not earning enough; not being loving enough; not being successful enough; just not being ENOUGH are even worse- men keep numbing their emotions and the fear of expressing them creates insurmountable craters inside their being and in worst cases becomes a ticking bomb that feeds abuse and unimaginable anger – both addictive patterns that require so much love and compassion to be broken – and still women do not realize how much power they have to use the weapon of love , kindness , understanding to transform a man – To begin with bring up your sons as sensitive souls who are not afraid to show their vulnerability because only when a boy can see and feel himself and show himself to others without shame or fear of being judged ( which only a mother can teach by being vulnerable herself and by not bypassing her own emotions )will he grow up to be a real man , a warrior who will protect his woman and a sensitive, compassionate soul who can resonate with the pain of his fellow human beings – And the next is for every Mother and Mother-to-be to take the Spiritual path to empower your own self and thus empower your own family – An awakened mother is the best gift she can give to her children to help them negotiate their journey with grace and courage and love – This world will truly begin to change when women tap into their emotional and spiritual strength and begin to step out of the shackles of old & tattered thought processes which are no longer healthy and become a part of the new consciousness which this world so much needs – We need empowered Mothers – we need them to raise empowered sons and daughters – and it will create a ripple effect of love and compassion all around – But the first change has to begin with every individual – every woman and every man.
@ Meenu M


When the mask falls…

Whether you rip off the mask from the face of the one you have deeply and truly loved or the mask falls off on its own , the pain will be the same – the same ferocious anger , the same lurid emptiness that will gnaw your insides , the same numbness that will slowly grow with each passing day – it will all be the same – there will be a slow disintegration of your self esteem, your self pride and your ego and the screaming question – WHY??? but there will be no immediate answer – for the pain is ripping you to pieces and your soul refuses to howl and this deafening silence of the soul will in a magical way deepen your sense of self and self love and self worth – because the person behind the mask is not the person you knew or will ever know – that person is a stranger – complete, total stranger you cannot recognize anymore – but your heart has expanded even more, the love in it has carved itself deeper than before – and the loss is never of the one who has loved and surrendered – its a gift and you have to receive the gift with gratitude – take your time to receive it – once the anger weakens , the numbness starts to fade, the heart begins to forgive – it will all be ok – don’t be in a rush or hurry to stifle the pain – this pain is deeply woven in the love inside you – let it merge and meld and once that happens – it will then become easy to forgive and eventually forget – that mask you had truly and deeply loved – Meenu M

when dragons arrive…

And sometimes the pain will cross all boundaries of tolerance and you will become numb with calm and and peace because you will watch your dragons rear their heads- and you will not be afraid anymore- because you will know deep down in your heart that it’s time for you to take the biggest leap – to jump over the chasm of darkness and reach the light- you will realize that the pain has been a trigger to push you to walk into your scary, hidden darkness and to face your demons eye to eye and ask it what it wants from you and why is it here- the dragons are here for a purpose- they are here to take you to your highest self – a part of the divine plan- a part of your evolution- those dragons are a part of you- they make you, YOU and all they ask is for you to embrace them and accept them – for when you do, they will no longer scare you or haunt you – dragons need to be hugged and accepted- and when you begin to hug them, all hell will cease- the path will clear up and the pain will no longer shred you to pieces- it will deepen your compassion and love for your own self and make you whole and you will be reborn- and I am being reborn now – thanks, my dragons for this gift and thanks to my angels and universe for showing me my ‘ not-so-splendid’ parts- I feel even more beautiful from within.
@ Meenu M

Awareness is the key

The lessons in our lives come at the right time and follow a divine pattern- a lesson meant for a certain time will only appear after a previous lesson has been thoroughly learnt, been revised and you have been tested for it and you have cleared the test before the next one appears- its fascinating how our lessons appear and how much they can make us grow or retard our growth if we fail to recognize them – awareness is always the key- the moment you realize that whatever is happening is what we have chosen for this moment, life eases and our soul opens up to receive the guidance meant to take us through that lesson- always, always look at the bigger picture- ask what’s the universe trying to tell me- what’s it asking of me- and you will know, its asking you to expand your divine potential and reach for your highest self- the Buddha in you – be aware, listen, listen, always listen.

Paradox of personality

Each one of us is a paradox – we carry conflicting personalities inside us – which overlap and merge and meld so brilliantly sometimes that it’s hard to separate them- but when these paradoxes are very distinct and black & white , that’s where we need to integrate them – to arrive at the best and highest version of our own self – for example , a person who’s extremely courageous and bold is utterly vulnerable under that veneer of courage and strength – but once he or she is aware of this truth, that person can handle this paradox with ease and love – and can slip in and out of this shadow and light with consciousness- and that is the key to tappping into our authenticity- the more one accepts one’s dichotomies, the more comfortable we get in our skins and souls – and the better we are equipped to face the challenges of our path – it’s all about embracing ourselves – totally, truly, completely and unapologetically.

Becoming more of yourself

It takes walking thru dark alleys, one after the other till one reaches a crack from where the light pours in- and that sometimes is almost half of your life- and once you see that light- you can’t turn back anymore- yes, once you see your own naked truth- the real you- you just keep on becoming more & more of who you are- whether you are liked or shunned or discarded or rejected- it no longer matters- because sometimes kindness and compassion to your own self is the only way to nourish your soul, its the only path to your own survival and its the only way you can birth yourself …listen to your self- shut the mind for a while- the mind misguides- the soul always guides- the pain of revealing who you truly are is excruciating- yet its the only way to be- to come out of the womb of darkness- into the light of life- the fetus cannot choose not to take birth once it is matured – birth is not an option- just like coming into light is not- you are pushed and prodded towards it once the soul has awakened- I feel like like that fetus right now- I have no power to stop this leaping out- the labor pains have been triggered- I am restless and I am at peace- what a paradox !

To be a mother…

The lessons of motherhood are far and beyond what they seem to be – it’s not merely about teaching your kids how to be, how to behave , how to think , how to feel but its about the scary , dark spaces that lie in between these – when you have to unlearn all that you know as an adult and a woman and learn all over again how to step inside the mind and soul of your child to feel, know , understand and look at the world from their innocent, un-experienced eyes – and yet be a parent who has to keep them safe – this push and pull to be what you have never been is the most challenging part of motherhood – I cannot think of anything that can be more scary, more fragile, more nourishing, and more powerful than motherhood – the way it tests you, nothing else does and nothing else can – And to be chosen for such a journey makes me overwhelmed – my biggest grounding, perhaps – blessed !!