Being a woman

We have been called the superior sex; we are the Kali, the Durga, the Lakshmi, the Saraswati, the Sita, the Parvati ,the Radha – so many manifestations of the sacred feminine and yet in the modern society where the roots of patriarchy and misogyny still seem to be gnawing at us, being a woman is still challenging and we need to assert our power at every stage even in the 21st century in order to be seen and heard.

What needs to be acknowledged is that women can be what they want to be- provided they know what they want to be and therein lays the whole dilemma, delusion and suffering. We are still so driven by our mental, social, emotional conditioning that we fail to express ourselves completely for fear of being judged, fear of being abused, fear of being a woman and all this has to end.

The process of demolishing patriarchy and misogyny has begun decades ago and yet it keeps raising its ugly head time and again.

The #metoo campaign was a powerful, collective chant that raised the vibration of a nation that needs to look at women with more respect and dignity and treat them as humans. The best part of it was that women came out in the open to talk about what was meant to be hushed and hidden- what one was ashamed to admit and acknowledge. But my mind questions everything.

Do we need to be vocally a part of #metoo to acknowledge our pain or anger ? And if we are not, are we detached, numb or de-sensitized?

The biggest battles are fought inside the interiors of our beings and once we have resolved them there, that we can talk, flaunt or embellish that pain- but then the need to do that vanishes once the wound is healed.

Do we keep our wounds alive to bring them to the notice of others or do we heal ourselves and make ourselves stronger to fight for ourselves and others who may not have the courage or strength?

Are we reluctant to unleash the Kali or Durga in us, when the time demands without fear of what price one has to pay in the process? Or are we becoming acutely aware and smug of our feminine power that we are losing our compassion, kindness and tenderness that is the core of the sacred feminine?

Strength has no depth without vulnerability and being authentic and true to oneself comes at the cost of being open to be hurt and wounded.

Patriarchy has interestingly, on the positive side taught us how to love ourselves deeply and better. It has to be used as a weapon; a Rubicon to be crossed; a door to unlock the hidden power and love in us as women.

The need to be spiritually strong is a cardinal one along with the need to be physically, mentally & emotionally strong as well if as a collective we have to erase misogyny forever. It will all begin by learning to manage patriarchy cleverly and weaken its roots to initiate its downfall and extinction.

Till then, we can continue to use it as a fuel to grow and become giants of strength and will power.




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