Being vulnerable is being strong.

Being vulnerable is being truly alive and anything else is being fake and stubborn and hiding our self from our own self – yet it’s an emotion few care to show to the ones they love & who matter and a fewer care to admit even to themselves – for once as women and (men) we have successfully mastered the so called art of being brave and strong – and of moving on in life in spite of heartbreaks with a straight face and our heads held high, being vulnerable is a feeling we lose touch with slowly – it’s an emotion we hide deep down in our hearts , locked away in some discarded part of our self which we are still holding on to – dreading to ever use or even look at in the eye – safe in the liberating thought : what’s out of sight is out of mind ( heart) – nothing is a bigger illusion than this – because to be truly human is to be vulnerable – to be truly authentic is to be vulnerable – vulnerability is a choice the soul makes on its path towards light – it’s one of the brightest lamp that illuminates our darkness leaving no room for delusions- for to confront and accept our vulnerability is to step closer to divinity and to our own selves – it’s the most potent way to be intensely and wholly alive – everything else is a mirage.
Don’t be fearful of your vulnerability – rather than using it to appear weak to others , use it to empower your soul and use it as a sickle to slash your way through the jungle of life and watch the path clear up – and behold the miracles all around you .