the gift of heartbreak

And sometimes the heart will break so silently that all you will hear is the crushing of your soul – there will be no tears – of pain or anger – there will just be a stillness that will echo far and wide in the entire universe and yet this roaring silence will engulf your being and make you wander in the darkness of your inner alleys – making you wonder why you did what you did – but there are no logical reasons for why the loving heart does what it does- there’s no logic for why we trust whom we trust – there’s no reasoning for why faith is blind and never questions or doubts- and the numbness slowly spreads – the heartbreak is the beginning of the deepening of our souls – of knowing what our hearts can hold and what we can endure – for when the heartbreak is so silent – it’s because the soul knows what’s lost and gone was not worth anything – it was meant to go sooner or later but the lessons it has taught are priceless and worth a treasure – for as the crater of the soul widens and deepens, the noise of the heart breaking lessens and disappears – soak this stillness – it’s here to teach you loads – embrace the pain of broken dreams and crushed hopes with a brave heart – let it go – release it slowly and gently – be more still – that’s where you will find that part which you thought you had lost –


Lessons of life

Life and the lessons it teaches you – it amazes me how as souls we can choose to learn and unlearn at our own pace and how at times we can be stubborn and inflexible and refuse to go with the flow – but however long we take to learn our lessons or however impatient we are to get through with them solely depends on how many lessons we have chosen to complete in this lifetime and if the lessons are more , our pace would be faster and as we learn more, the lessons get tougher – and the soul ascends higher – but sometimes the souls don’t learn their lessons in one go- they make the same mistakes again and again – refusing to break the pattern – and the pain of not learning is excruciating even if you feel your heart will break into pieces and you will never recover – but that’s an illusion – for any lesson that’s staring at your face has to be learnt – your soul knows and will tell you – the deja vu will hit you fiercely – you will see clearly that this has happened before and you had chosen to learn a different lesson then perhaps but now it’s time to learn a more tougher lesson this time, a more empowering lesson – and we cannot manipulate what we are meant to learn – it’s THE truth – simple, blunt and ruthless – and that makes life with all it’s lesson so very magical- the mystery of what you don’t know and can’t know – for how you choose to learn your lessons is how you choose to live .