the stillness of the unknown

And then you realize that this pain of being lost that is growing so strong is the chasm on the path of our journey that one needs to cross- to get to the other side of your own self- that this pain is the restlessness of finding your own truth- of walking on that fragile bridge that connects you to this world and that will burn the moment you cross it – never to go back to it ever again- that you are turning new , walking into the unknown- that which is hidden and covered in haze is what is truly fascinating and makes one walk towards it in all faith and trust- for what will be revealed is what is meant to be unmasked and there is something mystical about ‘not knowing’ – about not seeing what lies ahead- its like being in meditation – of not knowing what will cross your path now – of not being able to control – of letting go of your own self – of your own wants – for the divine will send what you need, at the right time and place – till then be in this pain- let this pain remind you every day that what your soul craves is what the soul of the universe craves for too- what your soul needs is what the soul of the universe needs too- let it come to you- don’t be the obstacle- get out of your own way- and I am …@Meenu M