when dragons arrive…

And sometimes the pain will cross all boundaries of tolerance and you will become numb with calm and and peace because you will watch your dragons rear their heads- and you will not be afraid anymore- because you will know deep down in your heart that it’s time for you to take the biggest leap – to jump over the chasm of darkness and reach the light- you will realize that the pain has been a trigger to push you to walk into your scary, hidden darkness and to face your demons eye to eye and ask it what it wants from you and why is it here- the dragons are here for a purpose- they are here to take you to your highest self – a part of the divine plan- a part of your evolution- those dragons are a part of you- they make you, YOU and all they ask is for you to embrace them and accept them – for when you do, they will no longer scare you or haunt you – dragons need to be hugged and accepted- and when you begin to hug them, all hell will cease- the path will clear up and the pain will no longer shred you to pieces- it will deepen your compassion and love for your own self and make you whole and you will be reborn- and I am being reborn now – thanks, my dragons for this gift and thanks to my angels and universe for showing me my ‘ not-so-splendid’ parts- I feel even more beautiful from within.
@ Meenu M


Paradox of personality

Each one of us is a paradox – we carry conflicting personalities inside us – which overlap and merge and meld so brilliantly sometimes that it’s hard to separate them- but when these paradoxes are very distinct and black & white , that’s where we need to integrate them – to arrive at the best and highest version of our own self – for example , a person who’s extremely courageous and bold is utterly vulnerable under that veneer of courage and strength – but once he or she is aware of this truth, that person can handle this paradox with ease and love – and can slip in and out of this shadow and light with consciousness- and that is the key to tappping into our authenticity- the more one accepts one’s dichotomies, the more comfortable we get in our skins and souls – and the better we are equipped to face the challenges of our path – it’s all about embracing ourselves – totally, truly, completely and unapologetically.

To be a mother…

The lessons of motherhood are far and beyond what they seem to be – it’s not merely about teaching your kids how to be, how to behave , how to think , how to feel but its about the scary , dark spaces that lie in between these – when you have to unlearn all that you know as an adult and a woman and learn all over again how to step inside the mind and soul of your child to feel, know , understand and look at the world from their innocent, un-experienced eyes – and yet be a parent who has to keep them safe – this push and pull to be what you have never been is the most challenging part of motherhood – I cannot think of anything that can be more scary, more fragile, more nourishing, and more powerful than motherhood – the way it tests you, nothing else does and nothing else can – And to be chosen for such a journey makes me overwhelmed – my biggest grounding, perhaps – blessed !!

The child is the father of man

Learning to trust again is probably one of the toughest components of any relationship- but when it is a parent – child relationship, it’s even tougher and yet how we simplify it is up to us I guess – assuming that we have power as a parent to instruct our child like a tyrant especially when the child has presumably broken our trust – (read lies, hiding the truth, stepping out of boundaries, harming their bodies and souls and hearts) is assuming we can keep them safe by becoming an ogre- the only way to redeem their trust in themselves is for a parent to learn to trust the child again – to believe that experiences ( pleasant or unpleasant) are a part of growing up – that the child’s life is much more than that broken trust and doesn’t define his/ her entire being – that as mothers we can always build what’s broken – trust, feelings, hearts, souls – and that the greatest gift we can give our children is the gift of being truly loved and accepted .

Finding by discarding

I have come to realize that the things which matter the most to us and sort of define us , are exactly the places where we are most likely to face our deepest struggles and challenges – it’s also where we are more likely to get our toughest lessons – and maybe that’s where we are meant to grow the most – it’s not easy to find ourselves stuck at precisely the place which nourishes our soul the most – and perhaps that’s what it’s all about – to let go of all that is threatening to become larger than life for us – to let go of all the attachment to what seems like the whole world to us – for only when we let go, will we be able to see it for what it truly is- to realize it’s value – to balance our obsession with it is to make it more real and earthly so we can discard it at will and still be happy – and I feel it is one of the hardest lessons we can learn – from what we are passionate about – or obsessive about – Buddha said, ‘ We lose what we cling to.’ And those are empowering words – at any given time and place and state of mind, we should be able to let go of what we think we can’t – that’s where our power lies and that’s what will make us stronger to face what’s in our destiny – the river that flows remains fresh and alive while a lake that doesn’t move starts to emit rotting smell – think about it – to each his own journey.

Hunger for Love

Mother Teresa said, “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” And I can’t help but ponder that perhaps the deepest need of every human soul is to be loved truly for what they are and for what they become. Nothing empowers a human more than the fact that he is loved for being uniquely himself. And that is what keeps them going- to brave the fiercest battles against circumstances read illness, loss, grief, bad finances and emerge stronger.

Yet its a big paradox that even though love is what is our very right as a human, is also a treasure that needs to be cherished and valued, even more when we get abundance of it. It’s the most fragile of life’s treasures, yet the most strongest. It is most sought after, longed for and craved for by souls. Those who stumble upon it by chance may not value it much and those who wait for it all their lives know its inestimable worth by its mere absence.

The search for true love may fuel many heartbreaks but it also dispels endless illusions of  life as well, making us more aware of who we are and who we are not. It breaks down our walls and makes us see the world in a more humane way.  It  opens up human hearts to become more vulnerable, compassionate, kind and end the darkness of their inner world and move towards light. It’s the only way for us to grow closer to our real selves, to become more authentic and to be absolutely true to our cores; to be fearless to be ourselves and to be the highest version of our selves.

No wonder then, love is the highest calling for a human soul and one that can’t be replaced by any other energy. It’s the most potent energy to drive us to move mountains of obstacles and cross oceans of despair.

Once you feel this hunger deeply and intensely only then you can become capable of loving more and giving more. And it all begins by loving yourself first, by filling up your emptiness with the love for the self and love for the divine.

Hunger is a mere indicator of how far you have traveled on the road of love and a mere hump on the path of your soul calling. Accept and embrace this hunger and see the miracles unfold.

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