Waiting– that ever elusive feeling which houses in every soul and yet which means different things to different people. Why do we wait in the first place – for things to happen- for life to change- for desires to bloom, for love to arrive at our doorstep- for life to change, for time to fly, for dreams to come true…ah! the list is endless and the agony of waiting is perhaps worse than the pain of living through it all without any agendas or power struggles- or to put it succinctly, live in the moment- without getting anxious about the next moment- without carrying the load of past and being stuck in it- for to learn to live in the present is an acquired art- a precious skill – a muscle that strengthens with more use and yet its easier said than done- we as humans are brilliant at complicating things- our minds and ego have a job to do and we fuel them endlessly by listening to them even when we need to ignore them- because that’s what we are taught as a culture, as a society- to listen to our minds- to be sane and practical- to follow the norm , to merge and be a part of this rat race – to keep aspiring and craving for something new or better- a better job, a new car, a bigger house, a perfect lover, an excellent husband, a caring & dutiful wife- and we wait.

But waiting as the dictionary defines it is- to remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens (often followed by for, till, or until): and therein lies its paradox- to be inactive is to be dead in your tracks- its like expecting the providence to move to conform to your wishes and demands – its being in a state of inertia and delusion, hoping the universe is planning a huge party for you soon- you may argue isn’t that what surrender is about- but surrender is a far greater act of divinity than waiting- waiting has an agenda attached to it – we wait FOR something to happen, we wait TO acquire something, we wait TO forgive, be forgiven, to love, to be loved, to live, to enjoy, to do this or that and the moment we begin to expect and hope for things to happen to us in a certain way, we have moved away from our highest self.

Surrender is letting go of all those hopes and expectations and going down on our knees to look heavenwards and utter- LET IT BE YOUR WILL LORD- and that requires greater courage, more patience, unwavering faith & trust and living intensely in the present moment – it requires greater soul stamina and more maturity- So the next time you find yourself waiting for a miracle to happen, release yourself from that trap because magic doesn’t happen when you wait but when you completely, truly, fully and unconditionally surrender- its only then that you get out of your own way and make way for the providence to move.



Man- Woman connection

A man- woman relationship is the most complex, layered, deep and fragile connection that can possibly happen between humans – it meanders from friendship to love sometimes and love to friendship at other times – it can go from familiarity to being strangers – from being warm to cold and warm again or hot or lukewarm – it can find it’s home deep down in silence or remain unfinished yet complete even when all words have been uttered – it can border on sensuality and attraction – in that danger zone of seduction where one step ahead can deepen the bond or freeze the relationship at that point for the rest of your life or make it even more precious and fragile or maybe suck out its illusion – who knows and how can one know what has yet to be experienced or one dreads to experience – for a man- woman connection is the most dynamic of all-

And I exclude marriages here – marriages are predictable and can border on boredom if the dynamic of a marriage is not regularly challenged – for what makes a marriage thrive is what kills it as well – a man – woman relationship can achieve unparalleled beauty & tenderness and great depths of love simply by being itself – by being nameless – by the sheer courage of not defining the relationship – by not feeling the need to flaunt its beauty to anyone – by not calling it any name approved by society – for what’s too exquisite can never be trapped inside the soul of a few words – never – it can only be felt and inhaled and lived .

And to be able to experience such relationships require a different attitude and mindset – it requires you to listen from the soul – it requires you to be true and authentic to your own desires and most importantly it requires you to open your heart and never close it again – to be vulnerable to the core and never fear pain again .

Its all about being authentic

And the most important and cardinal lesson to teach our kids is how to be authentic and real – especially in today’s world – how to be honest and brave and show courage even when it’s the hardest path to follow- for in a world full of insane temptations and insaner choices , it’s so easy to get lost and yet it’s only when the kids are grounded and rooted in their authenticity and values, can they find their way through without prostituting their freedom and values and NOT selling their souls for safety & security – it all begins with healthy & good parenting – of learning and unlearning as a parent and becoming more conscious and fearless and free of your own illusions as a mother or father – for only when you are authentic, can you raise an authentic son or daughter and can we all make this world more real & truthful , more full of compassion and kindness – for love is always the answer and the first step to love & be loving is to be authentic – how authentic are you as a man, woman, mother , father , son, daughter, employee or employer or are you aware when you are not being authentic – think hard 🙂