You never hear the footsteps of true love…

And yes when true love arrives , there will be no music playing aloud in the universe ; the skies will not turn a shade darker neither thunder will roar and rip through heavens- the earth won’t shake nor the breeze will turn fragrant – Love will arrive quietly , almost stealthily and the silence inside you and outside you will deepen – and your shadow side will dance with the shadow side of your beloved and you will wonder whether to stay or run – run far away from it all or disappear and yet you will find yourself doing exactly the opposite – you will stand there rooted to that ground – in that space where your soul and body and mind and heart are fused and melded into the being of your beloved and yet you realize you are so seperate from your beloved as never before and aching pain of tenderness and gentleness and seperateness will rip you to pieces and still make you stay whole – a space which feels like home and still makes you feel like a wanderer – a nomad searching for your own roots and you know you will find whatever you are searching for in that space -for you can’t run away anywhere – for the beloved is everywhere and in that space the beloved alchemises your lead into gold – that’s what love does, when it arrives – it’s when all your wounds start to heal and all your scars begin to dance – that’s when love finally arrives and is never ready to leave.


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