Hunger for Love

Mother Teresa said, “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” And I can’t help but ponder that perhaps the deepest need of every human soul is to be loved truly for what they are and for what they become. Nothing empowers a human more than the fact that he is loved for being uniquely himself. And that is what keeps them going- to brave the fiercest battles against circumstances read illness, loss, grief, bad finances and emerge stronger.

Yet its a big paradox that even though love is what is our very right as a human, is also a treasure that needs to be cherished and valued, even more when we get abundance of it. It’s the most fragile of life’s treasures, yet the most strongest. It is most sought after, longed for and craved for by souls. Those who stumble upon it by chance may not value it much and those who wait for it all their lives know its inestimable worth by its mere absence.

The search for true love may fuel many heartbreaks but it also dispels endless illusions of  life as well, making us more aware of who we are and who we are not. It breaks down our walls and makes us see the world in a more humane way.  It  opens up human hearts to become more vulnerable, compassionate, kind and end the darkness of their inner world and move towards light. It’s the only way for us to grow closer to our real selves, to become more authentic and to be absolutely true to our cores; to be fearless to be ourselves and to be the highest version of our selves.

No wonder then, love is the highest calling for a human soul and one that can’t be replaced by any other energy. It’s the most potent energy to drive us to move mountains of obstacles and cross oceans of despair.

Once you feel this hunger deeply and intensely only then you can become capable of loving more and giving more. And it all begins by loving yourself first, by filling up your emptiness with the love for the self and love for the divine.

Hunger is a mere indicator of how far you have traveled on the road of love and a mere hump on the path of your soul calling. Accept and embrace this hunger and see the miracles unfold.

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Home is a feeling…

Yes, nothing can be more truer than this.

Home is not a place but a feeling and wherever one connects with one’s inner self, is what one can call home. Whether it is having coffee with an old friend or a new acquaintance at a known coffee shop or a new place, or talking to God as you look heavenwards by the sea side and cry your heart out to Him, one can instantly feel at home in that space that thus gets created. And as we keep on simplifying our selves, by getting rid of unnecessary drama in our lives and getting to know ourselves better, we become more open  and flexible to embrace life as it is and find the best out of every struggle, challenge and situation.

I find myself in my home, in my birth town these days and its a fascinating feeling- to belong here and yet not feel too attached to this place; to be so deeply connected to this home and yet be disconnected on the surface. It makes me wonder that how we look at places and people around us changes with the passage of time. Once this home was the be all and end all of my existence. I have experienced life and my self so intensely within its four walls and yet even though I don’t live here anymore, I still experience so much more of myself whenever I enter those four walls even now. Guess the energy of where one is born, grows up, loses one’s parents, gets attached to new relationships in life is a perennial source of growth and learning.

And yet, I find a home wherever I go now. amongst  known and unknown places, old and new friendships, deep and intense connections with souls around me- it is all about me finding myself amid the maze of every experience that comes my way. I strongly believe that  the universe is your home and each and every corner of this world is yours, once you realize that your soul is your home. Its the safest place to reside, be and flourish. All else is an illusion.

till next time,

take care